Boat Dock Accessories


Boat dock with ladder attached and river in the background with trees lining the shore

Boat Dock Accessories

These boat dock accessories will give you peace of mind, knowing your boat will be protected from contact and damage. Enhance your dock experience with benches, dock boxes, stairs, and ladders. Cumberland River Docks is your one-stop shop for the highest-quality boat dock accessories.

Wahoo Dock Accessories

Wahoo is the industry leader in quality boat docks. Cumberland River Docks is proud to be a Wahoo dealer. Wahoo boat dock accessories can help enhance your dock with furniture, stairs, ladders, kayak accessories, brackets and cleats.

Wahoo products are engineered for ease of installation, flexibility in design options, and resistance to natural elements.

Wahoo Boat Dock Furniture

HydroHoist Boat Dock Protection

Did you know that among the top three reasons people quit boating is a fear of damaging their boat?

HydroHoist offers products to protect your boat and dock from entry to exit. So make your next new dock, expansion, or renovation complete with high-quality, uniquely designed protection products like bow guides, corner bumpers, HydroGuards, centering guides, plank kits, and HydroLockers.

HydroHoist Dock Protection Accessorites

Rugged Road Ultralight High-Performance Coolers

After searching for the very best cooler with the very best price, Cumberland River Docks is now pleased to offer Rugged Road Coolers. Coming in at less than half the weight of the competition with similar ice retention, Rugged Road Coolers are unlike anything else on the market.

Rugged Road Cooler Advantages:

  • Ultralight Design (Less than half the weight of the competition)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 7+ Days of Ice Retention
  • Floats Upright Every Time
  • Fridgite High-density Ice-Retaining Core
  • Detachable/Reversible Lid With Cup Holders and Cutting Board
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Easy Double Handle Carrying System
  • Some Models Include a Snack Rack and/or a Sliding Divider
  • Rigorite™ Coating is an innovative proprietary spray that was developed initially for military applications, including bomb-proofing the walls of the Pentagon. It is strong enough to support the weight of an entire Jeep and tough enough to survive a drop off a mountainside.

ShockIQ – Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

The ShockIQ Mobile App provides you with critical information 24/7 from your WiFi and Mobile Devices:

  • See your dock’s wiring status
  • See real-time voltage charts
  • Trip the GFCI
  • Monitor water levels
  • Alerts and notifications sent to your phone
  • Add additional contacts for alert notifications
  • Change the device sensitivity settings
  • It can be paired with the DockIQ system

Cumberland River Docks now carries the easiest and most advanced system to prevent electric shock drownings.

 With a handy mobile app, you can download to your phone, ShockIQ can detect electricity on your dock frame and surrounding water. Innovative technology and advanced hardware report real-time dock wiring status and voltage levels in the water surrounding your dock. When electricity is detected, the system immediately sounds an alarm and flashes a red warning light; ShockIQ will trip the GFCI and reports it to the mobile App. Your friends, family, and neighbors can also be alerted to the danger. The simple mobile App is easy to use and understand.

ShockIQ mobile box for electric shock detection