Boat Dock Repairs & Accessories

Cumberland River Docks has 20+ Years of Experience Repairing Boat Docks

Boat Dock on River with Gangway and trees in background

Boat Dock Repairs

Cumberland River Docks specializes in a wide range of dock repair services. Our approach is to listen and advise, so your dock fits your lifestyle at a comfortable price. Our team can evaluate whether your existing dock can be repaired or needs to be replaced, provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the project and outline any risks associated with your options. We are proud to make our marine access structures out of aluminum, the best material for the harsh marine environment.

Everyday wind, waves and storms take a toll on your dock. At Cumberland, we offer new decking, new floatation, and re-welding of damaged steel docks. In the unfortunate event of damage from storms, tornados, or other severe weather events, we provide emergency dock repair services as well. The Army Corps of Engineers controls water levels on Old Hickory Lake and water depth is raised and lowered significantly. This can lead to spud pole damage or the need for new anchoring or re-setting of anchor poles. Does your dock need to be moved to a new location? Cumberland provides dock moving services too.


Boat dock with ladder attached and river in the background

Boat Dock Accessories

Did you know that among the top three reasons people quit boating is a fear of damaging their boat? HydroHoist offers products to protect your boat and dock from entry to exit. Make your next new dock, expansion or renovation complete with high quality, uniquely designed protection products like bow guides, corner bumpers, HydroGuards, centering guides, plank kits and HydroLockers.

These dock accessories will give you peace of mind, knowing your boat will be protected from contact and possible damage from the dock.

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