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Wahoo Aluminum Boat Docks

Wahoo Docks is the leading floating aluminum dock manufacturer in North America, known for creating top quality aluminum docks, gangways, bridges, and more. We have been building commercial and residential dock systems for over three decades, spending the last fifteen years focused on our heavy framed aluminum dock design with an emphasis on strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. All residential docks are sold exclusively through a network of dealers, consisting of the most talented dock professionals in the industry, while commercial and marina projects are handled from our headquarters in Dahlonega, Georgia.

As the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock, our experience is unmatched. We pair high-level engineering principles, material science, and intelligent, patented designs with copious amounts of aluminum and reinforcements.

Utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the business, every structure we build is thoroughly analyzed throughout the design process using in-house developed software to ensure peak performance. Before you ever get the first glimpse of your dock on-site, we already know every inch of it. We adhere to such high standards so you can rest assured, knowing your waterfront investment is securely protected.

Best Boat Docks in Central Tennessee 

In 2018, Wahoo Docks partnered with Meeco Sullivan to form the largest marina company in the world, providing customers with access to aluminum, galvanized steel, and timber dock systems. Striving for success, both companies have been utilizing each other’s knowledge and resources to engineer innovative advancements in the floating dock industry.

Whether you are building a marina, a residential dock, or just buying a kayak rack, all Wahoo products have been manufactured on the same production floor, and under the same quality guidelines as some of the largest commercial dock structures in North America.

Boat dock decking close up of wooden deck by wahoo


There are a variety of quality decking options available for Wahoo Docks, including: aluminum, wood, composite, and concrete.

Boat Deck anchor of aluminum to concrete


 All Wahoo docks have reinforced anchoring points with additional supports to minimize stress, while being fully adjustable to match the changing water levels.

Red roof on boat dock on river


Custom roofing colors and designs, for any dock layout and desired roof coverage. Wahoo has Gable Roof, Hip Roof, and Sun Deck and Upper Deck options.

“Our move from a wooden dock to a Wahoo aluminum dock was a big upgrade for us. Not only is our new dock more durable and attractive than our previous one, but is also easier to maintain. Our new Wahoo dock truly enhances our enjoyment of the lake. It was a pleasure to work with Cumberland River Docks. They did everything that was agreed to, only earlier.”

-The Bennetts, Old Hickory Lake