Box Truss Steel Boat Docks

Affordable, Durable, Prefabricated Steel Docks

Box Truss Steel dock with red roof on river with trees in background

Box Truss Steel Affordable Boat Docks

Looking for an affordable boat dock solution? Box Truss Steel Boat Docks are a great option. We can install new docks or supply you with components for open or covered docks, box truss steel docks, platform docks, wave attenuation docks, access bridges, or any of your dock construction materials. We have pre-fabricated box truss steel docks that can be arranged in different configurations.  The pre-fabrication results in a seamless and efficient construction process. 

Most of our projects begin with a visit to your location where we can see the space, hear your thoughts and offer our initial perspectives on design possibilities. We also provide direction on any structural or aesthetic issues that may need to be considered. The experienced team at Cumberland River Docks offers complete boat dock design services and works hard to turn your ideas into realities.

Box Truss Steel dock with red roof on river with trees in background

Affordable Boat Docks in Central Tennessee

You decide the shape and size of your new dock. Our box truss steel frames are designed to bolt together in multiple configurations. Our universal frames are pre-punched & ready to attach flotation.

Box Truss Steel Frame Dock Features:

• The steel is hot-dip galvanized after fabrication in accordance with ASTM A 123 specifications.
• All angle iron frame.
• Universal bolt-up pattern.
• Sold with or without stub.

Available Box Truss Steel frame dimensions:

4’ x 4’ x 12”
4’ x 12’ x 12”
4’ x 6’ x 12”
4’ x 8’ x 12”
4’ x 20’ x 12”
4’ x 10’ x 12”


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