Community Docks

Affordable Solutions for Boat Dock Associations

Community Boat Dock with 5 ports

Community Boat Docks

One affordable boat dock solution is a shared community dock. These multi-slip boat docks have a larger footprint than individual private docks and typically cost less.

In order to create a community dock, you must first establish a boat dock association that is a legal non-profit organization with bylaws. Check with your business attorney on how to establish a boat dock association in your community.

Typically, the association will be the owner of the community dock, not an individual member.

Once you have established your community dock association, Cumberland River Docks is able to handle all required permits for construction. We’ve created many community docks in central Tennessee and have experience with the  Army Corp of Engineer Shoreline Management Plan for Old Hickory Lake.



Box Truss Steel dock with red roof on river with trees in background

Affordable Community Boat Docks in Central Tennessee

Property owners can benefit from a community dock association in several ways. A community dock can reduce a private development’s visual and physical impacts along the shoreline by replacing a potential string of scattered individual docks with one centralized dock facility. The overall design, construction, and maintenance costs per person are generally lower for a community dock than for separate individual docks. Electrical installation, maintenance, and inspection costs would also be lower per person in the case of a community dock. The permit cost is reduced because only one facility, and consequently one shoreline use permit, is needed to serve several adjoining property owners.

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