Galvanized Steel Custom Boat Docks

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Galvanized Steel boat dock with gangway on river with trees in background
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Galvanized Steel Custom Boat Dock by Cumberland River Docks

Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works also provides custom steel docks that can be produced at a lower cost. Whatever your budget, we have the river dock solution for you.

Our Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Dock is designed and fabricated in house and custom designs are available. This dock is hot dipped galvanized to resist corrosion with a 2” x 6” rectangular tube frame with mitered corners. It offers both gable and reverse gable roof systems built out of 2″ square tubing truss and purlins. The steel dock gangway is built out of 2” square tubing. The steel boat dock frame is designed to withstand rough waters better than a standard box truss dock frame.

Galvanized Steel boat dock with gangway on river with trees in background

Best Custom Boat Docks in Central Tennessee

For years, Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works has provided professional quality services to Middle Tennessee customers. Our team is composed of seasoned experts who understand the particulars of Tennessee’s shorelines, boats, and waterways. We know how to protect your boats and shorelines. We pride ourselves on completing our projects on time as contracted and have had many happy customers over the years.

Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works is locally owned and operated and we are very proud of our reputation for delivering the highest quality boat docks, boatlifts, erosion control, and repair services on and around the Cumberland River basin. Our top-notch metal fabrication shop is capable of producing any and all metal products from residential to light industrial. Our combined experience in both fields exceeds more than 40 years. Discover the difference with Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works.


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“I Just want to tell you how much I’m enjoying the all-steel dock that you built for me 4 years ago. I am on the main channel of the lake, my dock gets relentless wave action not only from all of the boat and barge traffic but the wind and storms whipping across the water as this is one of the largest and widest open areas on the lake. My dock has not sustained any damage, lost any floatation, or even has a piece of roof tin loosen in the least! It is still as tight and quiet as the day you installed it. The mooring has not shifted nor the pad settled either. The craftsmanship is superior and I could not be happier! I’m looking forward to many, many more years of continued enjoyment of my beautiful dock and the water in which it rides on …”

-Tony H., Old Hickory Lake