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Docking Platforms For Jet Skis and other Personal Watercraft

PWC Lift in a dock with a Jet Ski on Lift
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DuraTek PWC Lifts

Elevate Your Personal Watercraft (PWC) Experience on the Cumberland River with DuraTek PWC Lifts. Positioned within the heart of waterfront adventure, DuraTek brings you an exceptional range of PWC (Personal Watercraft) lifts designed to amplify your enjoyment of the river. Our cutting-edge lifts seamlessly blend innovation with durability, ensuring your watercraft is readily accessible and safe from the river’s ebbs and flows. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking jet-ski enthusiast or a leisurely cruiser, DuraTek PWC Lifts offers tailor-made solutions that guarantee convenience and protection. Explore a new realm of effortless PWC docking and make the most of your water excursions with DuraTek’s unparalleled expertise.

Central Tennessee PWC Lifts

Why Buy a Jet Ski Lift?

Your PWC is securely dry-docked, and its hull is safely protected from corrosion to keep your craft’s performance, value, and appearance.

Leave your PWC with confidence that it will remain secure. DuraTek Lifts are engineered to exacting standards and the highest quality levels to ensure performance and reliability.

Easy on/easy off means quicker access to the water. No more trailering. No more boat ramps. No more hull cleaning. It’s that easy.


Jetski on a PWC lift by Duratek

DuraTek PW-Single

With some of the largest flotation tanks in the industry, you can trust that your feet will stay dry while you maintain or cover your craft – guaranteed.

Capacity: 1,200 lbs
Tank Size: (x1) 32″x8′
Frame Size: 59″ x 10′

Two Jetskis on a double PWC lift by Duratek

DuraTek PW-Double 106"

Double-Place PWC lift, an extension of a popular single design. Save big over buying 2 singles. Available in several configurations, fits most slip widths. Ideal for boaters looking for a fully decked unit.

Capacity: 2,200 lbs
Tank Size: (x2) 32″x8′
Frame Size: 106′ x 144″

Two jetskis on a PWC lift by Duratek

DuraTEk PW-Double 130"

Double-Place PWC lift for larger slips, giving you more open walk space. Just like our PW 106″, save big over buying 2 singles.

Capacity: 2,200 lbs
Tank Size: (x2) 32″x8′
Frame Size: 130′ x 144″

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