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Cumberland River Docks is proud to have received the “Best of Hendersonville Award” as “Best Boat Dock Company” for many years. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers are saying.


Excellent Quality

“Our company has been building on lakes for years and has dealt with various docks on many lots. Working with Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works has been a pleasure and we can say without hesitation that the quality of the dock and service we received from Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works was excellent. I have and will continue to recommend Wahoo Docks and Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works when lake lot owners want a better-than-average quality dock. Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works delivered a community dock to our newly developed site on time and on budget. I can’t say enough good things about their service and Wahoo Dock quality. We highly recommend their company.”

John T. McPherson
Vice President, McPherson & Associates, Inc
Old Hickory Lake

Maintenance Free

“We are very pleased with our new Wahoo Dock. We love everything about it including the quality of design, workmanship, and material. We are especially proud that it is maintenance-free. We do not believe we could have found these features anywhere else. We also loved working with the staff at Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works. They were a pleasure to work with and went the extra mile to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. We look forward to many years of enjoyment of four Wahoo Dock.”

Paul & Brenda Shoulders
Old Hickory Lake, Gallatin, TN

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Fast Repairs

“I contacted Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works in 2017 to purchase a boat lift for a shallow water dock. Joe and Cortney found an optimum solution and expedited delivery.

They expedited delivery and installation to maximize use that year, and during installation, their crew immediately discovered that the lift was too wide for the dock slip. The crew contacted the manufacturer on-site to discuss a remedy, Joe had the manufacturer expedite modifications, and Cortney rescheduled installation as soon as modifications were completed. During installation, the crew performed extremely professionally and expertly, and at completion provided thorough use training.

In 2018 my boat lift shifted due to a storm and the anchor footings were caught under the slip, rendering it useless, and also damaging one of the dock floats. Cortney immediately scheduled a crew to reset the lift and replace the float, and work was completed in less than 3 days after my call for repair.

In 2019 flooding caused my dock to rise above and get caught on the dock footing legs causing the dock to remain suspended above the water when the water level receded. Even though Cumberland did not sell and install the dock, Cortney scheduled and the crew performed to repair and reset the dock within 48 hours of my call for repair.”

-Mike C.

“I have used Cumberland on numerous occasions to replace a boat lift, extend our walkway and increase the width of our decking. They did a phenomenal job. I highly recommend them!”

-Carol B.

“Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works Built our dock in 2006, in 2011 we had a Tornado destroy our Dock, boats, and Seadoos, We called Cumberland River Docks to Build a new Dock and they were exceptionally well responsive to our needs. We were subjected to some flotation device damage in 2019 and again Cumberland River Docks came to the rescue to make the repairs and replace the damaged flotation device.”

- Randy L.

“My husband and I have been repeat customers of Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works over the last 7+  years.  We have been happy with the docks and lifts we have purchased from them.  If there is ever a problem they follow up and work with us until it is made right.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for honest quality work and follow through.”

- Cindy B.

Happy Customers

The Dock Survived a Tornado

I have a 4 slip dock with a sun deck and 80 ft. walkway built by Cumberland River Docks. In April of 2011, we had a tornado come over the top of the dock tearing down large trees by the roots and snapping them in two. The storm hit after dark when notified I headed in that direction. I had to park 1 mile up the road because of all the trees covering the road. When I got to the dock location the dock was gone. I started walking the shoreline and found it floating about 500 yards from the site and 200 yards off the shoreline. It appeared to not be moving so I left and came back with a boat the next day. The two land cables had snapped and one of the cables attached to two 55 gallon barrels of concrete had snapped but the dock had drug the other concrete barrel with it. There was absolutely no damage to the dock other than the cables. We had over 25 lake houses in that area damaged, some not able to be rebuilt. The after-effects are still noticeable by the path of downed trees in this area. We have had our dock for 5 years and have had absolutely no problems. If you are looking to build a new dock or replace your present dock, do yourself a favor and look no further than Cumberland River Docks.

Andy Redus
Center Hill Lake, Cookeville, Tennessee

Solved Open Water Dock Problems

My wife and I have lived on Old Hickory Lake for 36 years. Our house is on the main river channel, which is over one mile wide and has several miles of open water in every direction. The docks we have had over the years were constantly damaged and needed costly repairs frequently because of the intense wave action. We searched for a dock that could withstand these rough conditions. The Wahoo Cat 5 dock had the best design and substantial structure that we needed. Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works designed, built, and installed the Cat 5 wahoo Dock. Their experience in dealing with the Corp of Engineers and the existing conditions has proved invaluable. We now have a double slip dock that can withstand our tough conditions. Our open water dock problems have been solved, thanks to the professional work of E.K. Blackwell of Cumberland River Docks and the quality of the Wahoo Cat 5 dock.

Pat Brumfield
Old Hickory Lake

“My dock is still as tight and quiet as the day you installed it.”

“I Just want to tell you how much I’m enjoying my all-steel dock that you built for me 4 years ago. As you know I am on the main channel of the lake, my dock gets relentless wave action not only from all of the boat and barge traffic but the wind and storms whipping across the water as this is one of the largest and widest open areas on the lake. My dock has not sustained any damage, lost any floatation, or even has a piece of roof tin loosen in the least! It is still as tight and quiet as the day you installed it. The mooring has not shifted nor the pad settled either. The craftsmanship is superior and I could not be happier! I’m looking forward to many, many more years of continued enjoyment of my beautiful dock and the water in which it rides on…”

Tony Hunter
Old Hickory Lake