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Why do you need a boat lift? There are a number of different reasons why a boat lift is necessary. The more time your boat spends in the water, the more maintenance and care are required. And as you know, that maintenance and care can be very expensive. Boat lifts move your boat out of the water, offering support and protection against wind, waves, storms and more. When a boat is left in the water, it leads to algae growth and corrosion on the bottom, as well as possible damage. A boat lift reduces these risks and protects your paint job as well. A lift also allows for more time enjoying your boat on the water because it makes it so much easier to get your craft in and out of the water.

Hydrohoist Boat Lifts

Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works is an authorized dealer of Hydrohoist® Boat lifts. Since 1964, HydroHoist® has led the market with award-winning innovation and engineering by providing unrivaled protection for boats, personal watercrafts, and docks. Polyethylene tanks guarantee better design and quality. An all-steel hot dipped galvanized frame with cast parts raised out of the water makes for a stronger, longer-lasting product. Recently, HydroHoist received national awards for the HydroPort Extreme, a revolutionary personal watercraft docking platform that set the standard for ease of use and durability. HydroHoist’s industry-leading warranty is a testament to the quality of its people and products. Boatlifts and Personal Watercraft (PWC) lifts/ports protect your investment, give immediate access to the water, and reduce maintenance and lowers operating costs. We offer boatlifts with a floating capacity from 4,400 to 32,000 lbs. Installation is by certified factory trained technicians. Where there is limited water depth, we can provide other solutions including dredging services to accomplish lift protection for your boat. We have solutions to protect your boat from water and corrosion.

“Cumberland River was prompt and courteous in their handling of my boat lift work that needed to be done. They gave me an expected “window” for the maintenance team to show up and they responded within that time frame. The work was completed quickly and correctly. I would use them again for my dock or lift maintenance.”

– Bob S.


Stop by our showroom in Hendersonville to meet with our friendly team. We can show you many of the lifts we carry and discuss what solutions are right for your project.

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