Commercial Services

Docks, Lifts, Repairs, Shoreline Stabilization

Cumberland River Docks & Metal Works has a well-established reputation for completing projects on time, within budget and standing by our contractual commitments. We work with municipalities, government agencies and marinas to fulfill their individual needs. Our professional drug-free crew is experienced at providing quality services for commercial clients. We frequently sub-contract on larger commercial jobs. 

Multiple boat dock garage for marina

Commercial Docks

At Cumberland River Docks, we specialize in premium, well-crafted aluminum and galvanized steel commercial docks engineered to withstand the toughest environments in commercial applications. Our approach is to listen and advise, so your dock fits your needs and requirements while staying within your budget. Our team can evaluate whether your existing dock can be repaired or needs to be replaced, provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the project and outline any risks associated with your options. We are proud to have our commercial marine structures available in aluminum, as we know it is the best material for the harsh marine environment.

Every dock system that we fabricate is designed and built to be a high performance, long-lasting, cost-efficient solution specific to your project and location. Cumberland’s marine-grade aluminum design allows us to maximize design and efficiency on every structure we produce. Aluminum won’t crack like concrete, rust like steel or rot like wood. Due to aluminum’s natural protective coating and corrosion resistance, maintenance budgets for the long life span of your dock are reduced, and in many cases, eliminated. 

We will assist you in applying for all required permitting and filing processes with the Army Corp of Engineers, State of Tennessee, and TVA. At Cumberland River Docks, we pride ourselves on being the best in product design, quality, delivery, reliability and customer service.

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Commercial Boat Lifts

Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works is an authorized dealer of Hydrohoist® Boat lifts. Since 1964, HydroHoist® has led the market with award-winning innovation and engineering by providing unrivaled protection for boats, personal watercrafts, and docks. Polyethylene tanks guarantee better design and quality. All steel components are hot-dipped, galvanized frame with cast parts raised out of the water, which makes for a stronger, longer-lasting product. Recently, HydroHoist received national awards for the HydroPort Extreme, a revolutionary personal watercraft-docking platform that set the standard for ease of use and durability. HydroHoist’s industry-leading warranty is a testament to the quality of its people and products. Boat lifts and Personal Watercraft (PWC) lifts/ports protect your investment, give immediate access to the water, reduce maintenance and lower operating costs. We offer boat lifts with a floating capacity from 4,400 to 32,000 pounds. Installation is by certified factory trained technicians. Where there is limited water depth, we can provide other solutions including dredging services to accomplish lift protection for your boat. 

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Stop by our showroom in Hendersonville to meet with our friendly team. We can show you many of the lifts we carry and discuss what solutions are right for your next commercial project.

Construction equipment with dredging shoreline on water

Commercial Dredging

Cumberland River Docks and Metal Works offers dredging for all of your shallow water needs. A deep, navigable waterway and mooring area are essential to maintain productivity and provide a safe boating experience. Mother Nature and the Army Corps of Engineers, however, sometimes make that tricky to achieve. The constantly changing water levels, wave action and currents in waterways can cause these areas to fill up with sand and silt, making waterway access and maneuverability difficult to achieve. Dredging is a way to improve your ability to use your boat during these fluctuations, but it is not a guarantee that the water will not be lowered to an inoperable level. Our dredging process is a by water process on floating barges. At Cumberland River Docks, we operate two separate floating barges. Our first barge has a mini excavator. The second barge has a roll-off container (dump bin). 

 We will not compromise your shoreline and it will look the same after we complete the process.

Dredging is a four-part process that includes loosening the material and bringing it to surface, placing the material in the container, transportation to an approved dump site and disposal. We abide by all Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977 and Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit or 401 Water Quality requirements.

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Call us today to schedule an on-site visit. We will inspect the dock and area to be dredged, probing multiple areas to ensure that we do not hit bedrock. We measure the current water depth, keeping in mind the water level during the visit (normal pool is 445). We calculate how much material would have to be removed to get you to a certain “goal” depth at normal pool. This helps us estimate how much material needs to be removed and approximately how many loads this will take.

Commercial Repairs

Cumberland River Docks specializes in a wide range of dock repair services. We will evaluate your dock to determine if it can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. Our top-notch metal fabrication shop is capable of producing any and all metal products from residential to light industrial. Our combined experience in both fields exceeds more than 40 years. 

Rock riprap along shoreline of river

Commercial Shoreline Erosion

Storms and waves, generated by Mother Nature, along with the growing number and size of vessels traveling along our waterways, can result in erosion of shorelines. Shoreline stabilization (rip rap) is used to stabilize slopes to prevent erosion and provide support. Rip rap is man-placed rock or other material used to armor shorelines, streambeds, pilings and other shoreline structures against water erosion. Common rock types used include granite and limestone. It is a good practice and a requirement in many areas for proper stabilization to lay down a geotextile mesh fabric or small filter rock to prevent the soil from moving through the rip rap. We will also help shape the shoreline for maximum protection.

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